Waving bye bye

school busAt a little over three years old, Jasper has started to wave bye bye. The first time was a few weeks ago, getting off the bus from preschool. Jasper does not say the words “bye bye” but he lifted his right arm at the elbow, and shook his hand slightly. Most children learn to wave bye bye by about a year old. Doing the math, Jasper has been practicing bye bye for over two years.

Jasper’s wave bye bye takes the form of flapping his hand. Keeping his hand loose, he shakes his wrist, as his hand flaps around, up and down. Different than waving a hand with the fingers or rotating the whole hand side to side. Jasper made up hand flapping on his own.

With a heavy heart – great big swallow – Jasper and I wave bye bye as we say farewell to this blog.

I have loved sharing my son with you. Your following, support, kind words, and encouragement mean more than I can say. Every so often I have a random encounter with an acquaintance who comments on Jasper’s progress, on what has been such a challenging experience in ways I did not anticipate. Each time, I smile, swallow, and blink back tears.

Thank you for following Jasper’s story.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you for listening.


Bye bye for now.

(If I Could Write) Songs For Jasper

At two and a half years old, Jasper is a huge fan of musician Justin Roberts. Early on, a friend introduced us to Roberts’ music, included on a CD compilation he’d made for Jasper. We began listening. By three months old, Jasper was hooked. One day while Willy Was A Whale played, Jasper smiled for the first time. Jasper is transformed by this music, it soothes him when he is upset, distracts him when he is fussy – I’ve used the album Naptime more than once to get through a meal. Jasper listens, transfixed. It leaves him smiling, laughing, and in a state of wonderment. We listen together – laughing, singing, dancing, spinning, cuddling, snoozing – making the music more rich, meaningful, and precious. If I could, I would write these songs for Jasper.

He’s…The Silliest Boy I Know
Ps & Js
The Milk Song (I Like Milk)
Strollin’, Strollin’, Strollin’ (sounds like Gunsmoke theme song)
Moo Cow
Backward, Forward…Spin!
Last Bites
Jasper’s Bike
The Cutest Little Boy That Ever Was
Bibble-Bibble-Bibble Are Protest Words
Jasper and the Animals
“i-YA-you!!” (the I Love You song)


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